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Zone Pro Site: The Moveable Feast (總舖師:移動大廚)

ZPS Still officialselection_en_4c
TAIWAN / 2013 / Comedy / 145 mins / Color / Scope / DCP / Completed

Writer & Director CHEN Yu-Hsun
Casts LIN Mei-Hsiu, Yo YANG, Kimi HSIA

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No.1 in Taiwan box office for 4 consecutive weeks !
Box office accumulated more than USD 10M


More than twenty years ago, there were three Ban-doh (outdoor banquet) master chefs who dominated the catering business in Taiwan. They were known as Master Silly Mortal, Master Ghost Head and Master Fly Spirit. However, the outdoor banquet business has been in decline since Taiwan’s economic take-off, and even the master chefs feel helpless to turn the tide. Master Fly Spirit wants to pass the family recipes and culinary skills on to his only child, Wan, but she desperately wants to run away from the family business and to become a fashion model. Nevertheless, fate proves that Wan is destined to take up the challenge and mission she once shunned …

Industry Screening
20th Oct (Sun) 19:20 @ TOHO CINEMAS Roppongi Screen-4

Festival Screening 
21st  Oct (Mon) 19:35 @ TOHO CINEMAS Roppongi Screen-6
22nd Oct (Tue)  20:25 @ TOHO CINEMAS Roppongi Screen-2

* Each of festival screening will be followed by Q&A session(30minutes)






20121111_0572Taiwan / 2014 / Drama, Sports, History
Color / Scope / DCP / Post Production

Director Umin Boya
Producers WEI Te-Sheng, Jimmy HUANG

Casts Masatoshi NAGASE, Takao OSAWA, Maki SAKAI, Togo IGAWA

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From the creative team of Warrirors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale


In 1928 when Taiwan was under Japanese occupation, the Chiayi Agriculture and Forestry Public School (a.k.a Kano, short for its Japanese name KAGI-NORIN School) was established to help develop local agricultural potential. The Kano baseball team started out simply as a sports club to improve the students’ physique. It never occurred to the team that the arrival of coach Kondo would completely transform them and help them leave a legacy that eventually became a legend.

To any young baseball player, Koshien (Japan’s high school baseball championship) is the dream palace. For a group of farmer boys like the Kano team, it’s a goal far beyond their reach, but Kondo endeavored to make it possible. He gave the players extremely rigorous training and made the best use of the team’s multiethnic composition— Japanese, Taiwanese and aboriginals— by appreciating their specific strengths.

After a year of intense training, the team was highly motivated and their determination to win got stronger even after numerous defeats. Much to everyone’s surprise, this previously unknown team finally won the local championship and proudly marched to Koshien. Playing at Koshien in front of 55,000 viewers was a dream-come-true not only for the Kano team but for Kondo as well.

Facing the strongest opposing team, the Kano boys were struggling in the final game. The situation got worse even tougher when their ace pitcher was wounded. Nonetheless the Kano boys showed true team spirit by taking up the challenge together.

Burning their passion for baseball, these farmer boys from southern Taiwan just refused to surrender…



Lefty Sky (working title) / 行動代號孫中山

SYSTaiwan / 2014 / Drama, Comdey
Color / DCP / Post Production

Director YEE Chih-Yen
Producer LEE Lieh






A long-awaited film by YEE Chih-Yen since his award-winning Blue Gate Crossing


Two teenage boys, Zuo and Tian, who are equally intelligent and equally poor, go to the same school without knowing each other.To make life easier, both of them coincidentally aim for the same target—the bronze statue of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, the founding father of Republic of China.They both come up with a plan to steal this huge piece of metal and sell it for a good price.Surprisingly Zuo finds out Tian’s secret plan. Zuo wants to invite Tian to cooperate, but Tian has another agenda in mind.

Who will get what he wants in the end?





The Rooftop (天台)

882994_463596163695832_1721098389_oTaiwan / 2013 / Musical, Kungfu / 120 min
Color / Scope / DCP / Completed

Writer & Director  Jay CHOU
Casts  Jay CHOU, Alan KO, Eric TSANG

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Gao (Jay Chou) and his friends living on the rooftop is the happiest bunch in the city of Galilee. Though life could be tough in this bustling metropolis, that doesn’t stop them from churning out songs and dance to the zest of life by night. But when Gao meets his dream girl Sian (Li Xinai), a beautiful billboard girl who has ever since captured him, fate takes him on a wild ride through romance, friendship, gang rivalry, told in enchanting melodies and stunning dance numbers.



Step Back to Glory (志氣)

tug-of-warTaiwan /  2013 Drama, Sport / 124 min
Color / Scope / DCP / Completed

Writer & Director  CHANG Po-Jui
Casts  KUO Shu-Yao, CHUANG Kai-Hsun

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Chun-Ying comes from the countryside. As Chu-Ying’s brilliant performance in sport wins her a place in a prestigious girls’ high school in Taipei, she leaves home to study in Taipei on her own. Chun-Ying’s story is familiar to her tug-of-war teammates since most of them come from single-parent families or disadvantaged backgrounds. Nonetheless, these girls are positive and optimistic. The lack of economic support from their families makes them even more determined to achieve their goal, and staunch camaraderie is established between them as a result. When Chun-Ying is admitted to the school, she knows nothing about tug-of-war. However, trained strictly by Coach Kuo and supported by the tender and encouraging Ms Wu, the girls take on the physical challenge, the frustration and the prejudice against sport from other students and some teachers. In the end, their sweat and tears pay off when they win the gold medal at the World Indoor Tug-of-war Championship. They have shown their strength and spirit to the whole world.




When A Wolf Falls In Love With A Sheep(南方小羊牧場)

230830_266061416847870_1650765689_nTaiwan / 2012 / Romance, Comedy / 95 min
Color / Scope / DCP / Completed

Writer & Director HOU Chi-Jan
Casts KO Kai, CHIEN Man-Shu

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Gf*Bf (女朋友。男朋友)

GFBF_still4Taiwan / 2012 / Drama / 105 min
Color / Scope / DCP / Completed

Writer & Director YANG Ya-Che
Casts GWEI Lun Mei, Joseph CHANG, Rhydian VAUGHAN

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