A Fool (一個勺子)

Country  China
Year  2014
Genre  Drama / Comedy
Format  Color / Flat / DCP
Runtime  95 min
Status  Completed
Release Date  Dec. 4, 2015 (Taiwan)
Director  CHEN Jianbin
Cast  CHEN Jianbin, JIANG Qinqin, WANG Xuebin, JIN Shijia

AI_015 directorAI_015 actor



Festival & Awards

4th Singapore Chinese Film Festival – Chinese Panorama

14th New York Asian Film Festival – Opening Film

51st Golden Horse Awards- Best New Director Award

                                                      Best Leading Actor Award (CHEN Jianbin)


陳建斌_拉條子2Latiaozi was a farmer who made a living by shepherding with his wife Jinzhizi. Their only son gets imprisoned and they bribe a local big shot, Li Datou, to help release their son. Li takes the money, but there is no sight of his son. Attempting to argue with Li and get his money back, Latiaozi goes into town to find Li. Being brushed off, Latiaozi doesn’t get to see Li but meets a lost young man on the street. Out of sympathy, Latiaozi takes him home. Trying to help the young man reunite with his family turns to be the worst nightmare for Latiaozi….


Director’s Statement

陳建斌_拉條子5I have always wanted to be a director. I wrote scripts and used simple equipment to shoot some footage with my pals when I was in Xinjiang. In 2013, I came across a novella “Running Moonlight,” written by renowned Chinese writer Hu Xuewen. It’s about a good-hearted peasant couple sheltering a fool and facing a series of nightmarish incidents afterwards. A good deed proves to be a misadventure. The moment I finished reading it, I was sure it’s the story that I have long searched for. However, the novella doesn’t have an ending, but what follows is what interests me most. So when I adapted it into a script, I had to come up with an ending of my own. I was born in a farmer’s family. Both of my grandparents are peasants and I spent my early childhood in a village. I’m attracted to this story because I feel particularly close to farmers. For my first feature, I wanted to find something of importance, something worth telling, and then decided how to tell it. I hope my film is rich in substance.

Director, Writer, Lead Actor

CHEN Jianbin

Actor-turned-director Chen Jianbin was born in Xinjiang and graduated with a master’s degree from the acting department of the Central Drama Academy in 1998. Having performed in numerous stage plays and high rated TV series, Chen enjoys immense popularity in Asia. Meantime, he often collaborates with internationally renowned filmmakers. For instance, he took part in Cannes regular Jia Zhangke’s 24 City and Cai Shangjun’s People Mountain People Sea, which won the Silver Lion for the Best Director at the 68th.
A Fool is his directorial debut, in which he is the scriptwriter and the leading actor as well. The film was nominated in five categories in the 51st and garnered the Best New Director Award and the Best Leading Actor Award. On the same night, Chen was also awarded as the Best Supporting Actor with his memorable performance in Paradise in Service. As a filmmaker, Chen’s versatility and limitless talent is beyond doubt.


2014 A Fool (一個勺子)- director, writer, actor

2014 Paradise in Service (軍中樂園) – actor

2012 People Mountain People Sea (人山人海) – actor

2010 Confucius (孔子) – actor

2008 24 City (二十四城記) – actor

2003 Jade Goddess of Mercy (玉觀音) – actor


JIANG Qinqin as Jinzhizi

蔣勤勤_金枝子1Graduated from the acting department of the Beijing Film Academy, Jiang has acted in a number of TV series and films. In 2006 she was awarded as the best actress in major TV Awards with her performance in “Qiao Family Compound.”






WANG Xuebing as Li Datou

王學兵_大頭哥3Born in Xinjiang, Wang graduated from the acting department of the Central Drama Academy. In 2001, his critically-acclaimed performance in TV drama “Never Talk to Strangers” put him in the spotlight and he has been highly active in TV and films ever since. Recently, he took part in Black Coal, Thin Ice, the Golden Bear Award winner of the 64th same year he was also nominated for the Best Supporting Actor Award with A Fool in the 51st Berlin International Film Festival in 2014; in the Golden Horse Awards.




JIN Shijia as The Fool

金世佳_勺子5Graduated from the acting department of the Shanghai Theatre Academy in 2005, Jin has acted in a large number of stage plays. He started to participate in TV dramas in 2008 and his popularity has risen since then. He got his first film role in A Fool.



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