2018 Titles 已上映影片

The Rope Curse(粽邪)

Country Taiwan
Year  2018
Genre  Drama, Horror
Format  Color  / DCP
Status  Completed
106 min
Release Date  Aug. 31, 2018  (Taiwan) 
Director   Shih-Han LIAO
Cast  Kimi HSIA, Jason TSOU, Po-Cheng CHEN , Ke-Fang SUN, Fox LEE


Father to Son(范保德)

Country Taiwan
Year 2018
Genre Drama
Format Color / DCP
Runtime 115 min
Status Post-production
Release Date Spring 2018
Director HSIAO Ya-Chuan
Cast Michael JQ HUANG, Aria WANG, FU Meng-Po, CHUANG Kai-Hsun, Samuel K, LU Hsueh-Feng



Secrets in the Hot Spring(切小金家的旅館)

Country Taiwan
Year  2018
Genre  Comedy, Thriller
Format  Color  / DCP
Status  Post-production
Release Date  Summer 2018  (Taiwan) 
Director  LIN Kuan Hui
Cast  ZHANG Ting Hu, HUNG Yan Siang, LIN He Xuan





On Happiness Road(幸福路上)

Country Taiwan
Year 2017
Genre Animation
Format Color / DCP
Runtime 111 Min
Status Completed
Release Date Jan. 5, 2018 (Taiwan)
Director SUNG Hsin-Yin

Voice cast GWEI Lun-Mei





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