Step Back To Glory(志氣)


Country  Taiwan
Year  2013
Genre  Drama / Sport
Format  Color / Scope / DCP
Runtime  124 min
Status  Completed
Release Date  Feb. 8, 2013 (Taiwan)
Writer & Director  CHANG Po-Jui
Casts  KUO Shu-Yau, CHUANG Kai-Hsun, YU Mei-Jen

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Festival & Awards

2013 Golden Horse Awards– Best New Performer Award
2013     Heartland Film Festival (USA) – Official Selection
2014     Asian Film Festival (Italy) – Competition


Official Trailer


Director’s Statement

201301021247315_【志氣】拍攝現場女孩們常捉弄千霈,讓千霈又氣又好笑They are a group of high school girls aged sixteen on average. Holding on to their strong belief, they spend their youthful time training so hard that their hands are full of calluses. In 2010, they represented Taiwan and won the gold medal at the World Indoor Tug-of-war Championship. They not only became the first Asian team to gain the title but won the scholarships for their further education. The strength and the fighting spirit these girls have demonstrated are admirable and moving. Such an uplifting story should be documented and I believe that more people will be inspired and encouraged by the story.


1354775892-964318954_nChun-Ying comes from the countryside. As Chu-Ying’s brilliant performance in sport wins her a place in a prestigious girls’ high school in Taipei, she leaves home to study in Taipei on her own. Chun-Ying’s story is familiar to her tug-of-war teammates since most of them come from single-parent families or disadvantaged backgrounds. Nonetheless, these girls are positive and optimistic. The lack of economic support from their families makes them even more determined to achieve their goal, and staunch camaraderie is established between them as a result. When Chun-Ying is admitted to the school, she knows nothing about tug-of-war. However, trained strictly by Coach Kuo and supported by the tender and encouraging Ms Wu, the girls take on the physical challenge, the frustration and the prejudice against sport from other students and some teachers. In the end, their sweat and tears pay off when they win the gold medal at the World Indoor Tug-of-war Championship. They have shown their strength and spirit to the whole world.

Director CHANG Po-Jui

Chang Po-Jui has worked as a director in advertising. He had participated in the pre-production of The Legend of the Sacred Stone as a producer. Step Back To Glory which tells an encouraging and moving tale is Chang’s debut film.


KUO Shu-Yau as Chun-Ying

1354775897-2764745501_nKuo Shu-Yau is one of the hottest pop singers in Taiwan. In addition to singing, Kuo has moved into acting in recent years. In 2012, Kuo played a cute and eye-catching supporting character in When a Wolf Falls in Love with a Sheep. Chun-ying in Step Back To Glory is Kuo’s first leading role on the big screen.

2012 When a Wolf Falls in Love with a Sheep (南方小羊牧場)


CHUANG Kai-Hsun as Coach Kuo

s42_072It has been ten years since Chuang began his career as an actor in theatre and television films. In 2010, Chuang was nominated Best Supporting Actor at the Golden Bell Awards for his role in Po-lang-erh-chu directed by Cheng Wen-Tang. This year, Chuang was nominated Best Supporting Actor at the Golden Horse Awards in Stilt, a touching family drama.

2012 Stilt (侯鳥來的季節)
2009 Tears (眼淚)
2006 Do Over (一年之初)

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