Secrets in the Hot Spring (切小金家的旅館)

Country Taiwan
Year  2018
Genre  Comedy, Thriller
Format  Color  / DCP
Status  Post-production
Release Date  Summer 2018  (Taiwan) 
Director  LIN Kuan Hui
Cast  ZHANG Ting Hu, HUNG Yan Siang, LIN He Xuan


Festival & Awards

22nd Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival – Official Selection

14th Jeju Film Festival – Island Cinema Section

12th CinemAsia Film Festival – Official Selection

21st Taipei Film Festival – Competition/ Best Supporting Actor, Best Makeup & Costume Design



Xiaogin transferred to the third school during his fifth year at high school. During the winter vacation, his grandparents tricked him into returning to the hotel which was founded by his parents. Xiaogin’s classmates Little Princess and Lu Qun tagged along uninvited to escape being bullied at school.
While the three boys were temporarily staying at Xiaogin’s family hotel, they quickly found out that the hotel was in terrible shape and was also haunted. Xiaogin and his friends have developed an extremely close friendship while they are trying to step closer to the truth. Will they find out the secret that hides underneath the steaming hot springs?


Director LIN Kuan Hui

Graduated from Taipei National University of Art, Major in Director, Graduate School of Filmmaking.
Her short《Time Lapse》won Grand-Prix Award in 2010 Damah Film Festival in Hiroshima, Japan.《Our Ghost Classmate》won the 2015 Advanced Excellent Screenplay Award in Taiwan, selected at 2017 Taipei Golden Horse Film Project Promotion and was awarded FPP MM2 Creative Award.


2010 Time Lapse (Short)


Producer  WANG Toon

Toon Wang was born in 1942 in Taihe-xian, Anhui, China. He is an art director and director, known for Ce Ma Ru Lin (1985), Wu Yan De Shan Ciou (1992) and Hong Shih Zih (1997).

2015 Where the Wind Settles
2011 The Ritual
1992 Hill of No Return
1993 The Puppetmaster
1987 Strawman


Producer  YEH Jufeng

YEH Jufeng, experienced Taiwanese filmmaker, is the chief executive producer at Ocean Deep Films and MandarinVision. Working in the industry since 1993, she has collaborated with renowned directors of different generations and film genres. YEH is expert in film project development, resource integration, budget control, and international co-production. In 2004, YEH established Ocean Deep Films. With a unique vision, she hopes to continue to gather talents and resources, to produce high quality films of all genres. She is also devoted to establish a comprehensive film-producing environment in Taiwan. With more than 20 years of experience in film production, she was awarded the Outstanding Taiwanese Filmmaker of the Year Award at the 50th Golden Horse Awards in 2013. YEH’s filmography includes Godspeed (2016), Ace of Sales (2016), Our Times (2015), The Rice Bomber (2014), Soul (2013) Zone Pro Site: The Moveable Feast (2013) and Gf*Bf (2012).

2017 The Great Buddha+
2011 The Village of No Return
2015 Our Times
2013 Zone Pro Site: The Moveable Feast




Nominated for Best Actor in Leading Role during the 49th Golden Bell Award for Boys Can Fly.



2018 Age of Rebellion 
2013 Boys Can Fly


HUNG Yan Siang

Mandopop Singer – the member of Nan Quan Mama.



2015 Cafe · Waiting · Love



LIN He Xuan

Graduated from the National Taiwan University of Art, Major in Drama.


2015 Our Times
2015 Cafe · Waiting · Love
2013 Campus Confidential



LAW Ka Ying

Best Known for being in Stephen Chow’s movies: From Beijing with Love and A Chinese Odyssey Famous in China. Won Hong Kong Film Award and Taipei Golden Horse best leading actor with movie Summer Show.


1995 Summer Snow
1994 From Beijing with Love 
1994 A Chinese Odyssey

Mimi CHU

Nominated by the Best supporting actress of the 30th Hong Kong Film Award by the movie Crossing Hennessy. And became a best leading actress in 1st Golden Wau Award Malaysia by movie Twisted.


2012 Twisted
2010 Crossing Hennessy

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