Mirror Image(命帶追逐)

Country Taiwan
Year  2000
Genre  Drama
Format  Color  / DCP
Status  Digital Restoration (2018)
Runtime  74 min

Director  HSIAO Ya-Chuan
Cast  LEE Jiunn-Jye, FAN Hsiao-Fan, Era WANG






Festival & Awards

2000  Taipei Film Festival – Competition/ Best Film, Most Promising Director

2001  Cannes International Film Festival – Directors’ Fortnight

2001  Torino Film Festival – Best First Feature Film

2001  Thessaloniki International Film Festival – Best Director, Artistic Achievement

2001  Vancouver International Film Festival – Dragons & Tigers Award

2001  Fukuoka Asian Film Festival – Grand Prix

2001 Asiatica Encounters with Asian Cinema – Official Selection

2018 Taipei Film Festival – Official Selection

2018 Nantes Festival of the Three Continents – Official Selection



Tung-Ching’s life has changed since a car accident three months ago. The lifeline on his right hand was scratched off in this incident. A nurse told him that his life is no longer controlled by fate but has become unpredictable since then.
Three months later, Tung-Ching’s father has suffered a stroke so he has to take over the family pawnshop. His girlfriend, Eiko, who is interested in palm reading, wants to retrieve Tung-Ching’s lifeline. However, Tung-Ching is apathetic to know what the future holds. He starts to flirt with one of his female customers who he names her “ Know-all”.


Director / Screenwriter  HSIAO Ya-Chuan

Born in 1967 in Taiwan, HSIAO Ya-Chuan graduated from the Fine Art Department of the National Institute of Arts. His first feature-length film, Mirror Image (2000), was selected in the Director’s Fortnight at the Cannes in 2001 and won numerous awards, such as Best First Feature at Torino Film Festival, and Best Film and Best New Director at Taipei Film Festival. His second feature, Taipei Exchanges (2010), gained positive feedback from the audience and critical response, and also won Audience’s Choice Award and Best Music at Taipei Film Festival and other awards. His short film which is included in 10+10 (2012) with other Taiwanese directors was selected in Panorama section at the Berlin International Film Festival. Father to Son will be his third feature, aims to complete in 2017.


2010 Taipei Exchanges
2000 Mirror Image

Executive Producer  HOU Hsiao-Hsien

HOU Hsiao-Hsien, born in 1947, is the most important figure in Taiwan’s New Wave cinema movement, and one of the leading directors in world cinema. His A City of Sadness (1985) was the first Taiwanese film that won the Golden Lion at Venice Film Festival, and The Puppetmaster (1993) later won the Jury prize in Cannes. His latest feature The Assassin (2015), won the award for Best Director at the 68th Cannes Film Festival. HOU is also a producer who participated in ZHANG Yimou’s Raise the Red Lantern (1991). He has also actively participated in supporting outstanding directors from the younger generation, by serving as the Chairman of the Golden Horse Award and taking on the role as the executive producer for many films made by new directors, such as HSIAO Ya-Chuan’s Mirror Image (2000) and Taipei Exchange (2010).

2015 The Assassin
2007 Flight of the Red Balloon
1998 Flowers of Shanghai
1993 The Puppetmaster
1989 A City of Sadness


LEE Jiunn-Jye as Lin Tung-Ching

LEE Jiunn-Jye graduated from the National Arts Academy (Drama Faculty), majoring in scriptwriting. He has participated in the production team of HOU Hsiao-Hsien’s Flowers of Shanghai, and made his acting debut in the short film directed by Hung Hung. Mirror Image is his second film as an actor.


2010 Mirror Image




FAN Hsiao-Fan as Eiko

FAN was active in photography for advertising, drama, magazine covers, MTV during her student days. She has appeared in the TV dramas Fresh Water Fish Going Out of Sea, Taipei Love Story, Devil Beside You. She has acted in several features films such as Tropical Fish (1994), Mirror Image (2000), When a Wolf Falls in Love with a Sheep (2012).





2012 When a Wolf Falls in Love with a Sheep
2000 Mirror Image
1994  Tropical Fish


Era WANG as Know-all

WANG studied ballet in the Guoguang Academy. During her student days, she was active in advertising photography. Mirror Image marks her first appearance as an actress. Other credits include Fancy 25 (2002) and short film Something’s Gotta Give in 10+10 (2012).


2012 10+10 (Shorts: Something’s Gotta Give)
2002 Fancy 25
2000 Mirror Image

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