Ripples Apart(逐風少年)

Country:  Taiwan
Year: 2016
Genre:  Documentary
Format:  Color /DCP
Runtime:  95 Minutes
Release Date:  Aug 12, 2016  (Taiwan) 
Directors: HU Mei-Fang, Mark FORD
Producer: WANG Tzu-Wei (Jackie)





A documentary shot over ten years, to show what it takes to become the first Taiwanese Olympic windsurfer!



Ripples Apart is the story of windsurfer Chang Hao, who grew up in the Mountains of Nantou, the only region in Taiwan with no coast. Chang and his Australian coach, Alex Mowday, share a unique and rare bond, two athletes separated by years of age and very different cultures, but who hunt the same Olympic dream. The road to the Olympics is long and difficult. Alex and Chang Hao must beat the odds to qualify, training on the small island of Penghu, off the coast of Taiwan, battling the wind and waves and searching for perfection in the sport of their dreams.

Production Team

Directors: HU Mei-Fang, Mark FORD

Mei-Fang was born in Taipei and Mark in the United States. They have collaborated on multiple projects since their first film together, Run Away Home back in 2000. Mark currently teaches video production and works as a documentary filmmaker, sound recorder and production sound mixer. He has worked with a variety of important directors in Taiwan including Tsai Ming-Liang and Lee Chi-Yuan. His works have also been nominated for the Golden Horse Award and the Golden Bell Award. Hu spent ten years working as a professor of film production at Chaoyang University, now she works in documentary films and television advertisements.

I am Taiwan Fans (2008)
Alley Way (2007)
Run Away Home (2000)

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