Zone Pro Site: The Moveable Feast (總舖師:移動大廚)

外封面Country  Taiwan
Year  2013
Genre   Comedy
Format  Color / Scope / DCP
Runtime  145 min
Status  Completed
Release Date  Aug. 16, 2013 (Taiwan)
Writer & Director  CHEN Yu-Hsun
Producers  LEE LiehYEH Jufeng
Cast  LIN Mei-HsiuYo YANGKimi HSIAWU Nian-Jen,KO Yi-ChengKING Jieh-Wen

Festival & Awards


Berlin International Film Festival – Culinary Cinema
CAAMFest  – Official Selection 
CinemAsia Film Festival   – Official Selection
Washington, DC International Film Festival – Official Selection
Food Film Festival Amsterdam – Audience Award
Asian Film Festival (Italy)   – Best Film Award
New York Asian Film Festival    – Official Selection
Artfilm Fest International Film Festival (Slovakia) – Official Selection
Fünf Seen Film Festival/Five Lanes Film Festival (Germany) – Official Selection
Taipei Film Awards– Best Art Direction Award & Best Supporting Actress Award
New York Asian Film Festival– Audience Award
Brisbane Asia Pacific Film Festival — Outdoor Screening
Devour! The Food Film Fest (Canada)– Golden Tine Award for Best Feature Drama


Taipei Film Festival– Official Selection 
Busan International Film Festival – Open Cinema
Tokyo International Film Festival – World Focus
Hawaii International Film Festival – Official Selection
Hong Kong Asian Film Festival – Official Selection

Official Trailer

What is Zone Pro Site?

總舖師still photo 133Speaking of Taiwan’s indigenous gastronomic culture, it is best represented by Ban-doh (辦桌), an outdoor banquet. Such an event can be traced back to the agricultural age. At that time restaurants and hotels were few and far between, so wedding receptions and all sorts of feasts usually took place in outdoor spaces or tents. With a couple of simple stoves and long tables as kitchen countertops, every dish was done on the spot. The person in charge of the menu and the procedures was called Zone Pro Site(總舖師),meaning catering chef in Taiwanese. During Ban-doh, Zone Pro Site arrived with nothing but his cooking utensils and he had to show his creativity by coming up with different menus based on the theme of each feast and the ingredients provided. The greatest challenge for Zone Pro Site was, of course, to serve dishes both hosts and guests would fully enjoy. If the food could satisfy the most critical guests, Zone Pro Site would earn respect and become a legendary master chef.

Director’s Statement

總舖師still photo 431I often think that all the beautiful things in the world come from some people’s “goodwill.” They contribute their wisdom and experiences in their positions, bringing joy to others while fulfilling their creative desires. The whole human civilization thrives on this goodwill; however, beautiful things and good intentions may not live long in the society. In other words, some things are deemed outdated not because they are not good enough. Nowadays, we are likely to lose the chance to establish bonding and other valuable things for the sake of speed and efficiency. The evolution of tools and the easy access to information will not broaden our mind. If we know how to treasure others’ goodwill, we will not be self-centered. Paying more attention to others may lead us to a better understanding of ourselves.

There are masters in every profession. I am blessed that there were so many great ones before me. Whether I know them in person or not, their goodwill always touches me through their works, guiding me to a right path whenever I feel confused. Therefore, I would like to dedicate this film to them with my deepest respect.


總舖師still photo 366More than twenty years ago, there were three Ban-doh (outdoor banquet) master chefs who dominated the catering business in Taiwan. They were known as Master Silly Mortal, Master Ghost Head and Master Fly Spirit. However, the outdoor banquet business has been in decline since Taiwan’s economic take-off, and even the master chefs feel helpless to turn the tide. Master Fly Spirit wants to pass the family recipes and culinary skills on to his only child, Wan, but she desperately wants to run away from the family business and to become a fashion model. Nevertheless, fate proves that Wan is destined to take up the challenge and mission she once shunned …

Writer, Director / CHEN Yu-Hsun

陳玉勳(李開明攝影)CHEN Yu-Hsun is a renown commercial director and filmmaker, who has achieved fame for his unique sense of humor and is regarded as the master of comedies.

He shot his first feature Tropical Fish in 1995 after years of working with TV series. The film, commercially successful and critically acclaimed, was awarded the Blue Leopard Prize at Switzerland’s Locarno Film Festival and was regarded as one of the most remarkable comedies in the history of Taiwan cinema. His second film Love Go Go (1997) was also well received.

Zone Pro Site: The Moveable Feast is the long-awaited and highly-anticipated feature from Chen. This time Chen tells a story of how a group of ordinary people trying to revive the legacy of Zone Pro Site, through which Chen aims to demonstrate how exuberant people can be while pursing happiness. Zone Pro Site is a magnificent moving feast that you cannot miss on the big screen. It will definitely make your mouth watering.


2011     Hippocamp Hair Salon (10+10之海馬洗頭) (short)
2010     Middle-Aged Juliet (茱麗葉) (short) (aka “One More Juliet” , one short of triptych film Juliets)
1997     Love Go Go (愛情來了(feature)
1995     Tropical Fish (熱帶魚) (feature)

Locarno Film Festival – Blue Leopard Prize, Fipresci Prizes
Montpellier International Film Festival – Gold Panda Award
Golden Horse Awards – Best Original Screenplay, Best Supporting Actress
Vancouver International Film Festival – Competition



LIN Mei-Hsiu (as AiFong / Master Fly Spirit’s wife)

總舖師still photo 21

“I’m a legend throughout this island. Wife of the late Master Fly Spirit.”

LIN Mei-Hsiu first gained her popularity in a series of TV commercials directed by Chen Yu-Hsun. Ever since, she has participated in TV productions, stage plays, and movies. In 2003, she made her debut in Black Dog Is Coming (黑狗來了), which won her the Best Supporting Actress of the 40th Golden Horse Award. In 2012, she won the Best Supporting Actress of the 47th Golden Bell Award for her performance in the super hit TV drama In Time With You (我可能不會愛你).



Yo YANG (as Hai)

總舖師still photo 10

“Scrambled Tomato and Eggs, it is easy to make. But every mother has her own take.”

Yo YANG made his debut in Formula 17(2004), which won him the Best New Performer of the 41st Golden Horse Award. From then on, Yang has taken part in numerous commercials, TV dramas and movies, such as Blood Brothers (2007), Snow Fall in Taipei (2009), and Au Revoir Taipei (2010). Earlier this year, Yang’s popularity reached a new peak with the huge box-office hit comedy David Loman (2013).




Kimi HSIA (as Wan / Master Fly Spirit’s daughter)

總舖師still photo 39

“Dad, forgive me. I never want to become a catering master.”

Starting as model, Hsia has been actively involved in TV dramas, commercials and stage productions. In 2008, she began to host the popular TV cooking show Stylish Men- the Chef (型男大主廚) and has developed her gourmet taste and culinary skills. Her talent as hostess was acknowledged by taking home the Best Host in a Variety Program of the 46th Golden Bell Award.
In 2013, she took a part in Arvin CHEN’s Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?(明天記得愛上我), which was selected in the Panorama Section of Berlinale and Tribeca Film Festival. Hsia has gradaully become known internationally and is no doubt a promising young actress.


Producer / LEE Lieh


2013  Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? (明天記得愛上我)
2011  Jump Ashin! (翻滾吧!阿信)
2009  Monga (艋舺)
2008  Orz Boyz (囧男孩)





Producer / YEH Jufeng

Yeh 5Production (Highlights)

2012  Gf*Bf (女朋友。男朋友)
2010  Zoom Hunting (獵豔)
2008  Winds Of September (九降風)
2007  God Man Dog (流浪神狗人)
2005  The Wayward Cloud (天邊一朵雲)
2001  What Time Is It There? (你那邊幾點?)
2000  Fleeing by Night (夜奔)
1997  Murmur of Youth (美麗在唱歌)





Aug. 16, 2013

Movie review: Zone Pro Site

Chen Yu-hsun’s first feature after 16 years is a highly entertaining comedy based on bandoh, a unique form of Taiwanese banquet culture

By Ho Yi  /  Staff reporter

After disappearing from the film scene for 16 years following Tropical Fish (熱帶魚) and Love Go Go (愛情來了), director Chen Yu-hsun (陳玉勳) returns with Zone Pro Site (總舖師), a comedy centered on bandoh (辦桌, lit: setting up table), the traditional Taiwanese outdoor banquet typically held at special events such as weddings, festivals and babies’ one-month-old celebrations.

With an ample budget of NT$70 million and seven investors including Warner Bros, Chen Yu-hsun’s comedy has the look of a summer blockbuster with an A-list cast of actors, sleek production values and abundant supply of good-natured humor. But what makes the film stand out is its attention to the emotional side of the story, which revolves around the art of the Taiwanese banquet catering.

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