Forêt Debussy (德布西森林)

Country  Taiwan
Year  2016
Genre  Drama
Format  Color / Flat / DCP
Runtime  94 min
Status  Completed
Release Date  Oct. 28, 2016 (Taiwan)
Director  KUO Cheng-Chui
Cast  GWEI Lun-Mei (Black Coal, Thin Ice, GF*BF), LU Yi-Ching (Stray Dogs, The Wayward Cloud)





Festival & Awards

7th Beijing International Film Festival – Official Selection

53rd Golden Horse Awards –Best Supporting Actress Nomination

1st International Film Festival & Awards Macao – Official Selection

36th Hawaii International Film Festival Halekulani Golden Orchid Award – Best Narrative Feature Nomination

2016 Kaohsiung Film Festival – Opening Film



Deep in the barren mountains, a mother and a daughter live an isolated quiet life.
The Daughter looks lean and fragile. She seems unreactive toward her surroundings, confining herself in her own wretched world. The Mother is like a guardian angel who always protects her and takes care of everything. Before living in seclusion, The Daughter was a pianist who lost her husband and son. The Mother decided to take her away and hid her in the mountains where no one could ever find them, believing it is the only possible way for her daughter to survive, Nevertheless, they have to face nothing but themselves ever since, as well as to confront the endless forest…

Director’s Statement

I’ve been away from home for long, yet my concern for the social happenings in Taiwan grows day by day – Taiwanese people get unsure and fear about their future while the voice of the subaltern keeps being neglected. I can hardly overlook all these situations, hoping to speak for the island, but how shall I begin?
When I think of all these questions, the story of Forêt Debussy appears: if the land is no longer inhabitable one day, where can we go? If we run away from the familiar metropolitan life and return to the nature, will the abandoned civilization once again restart and thus be redeemed?


Director & Writer / KUO Cheng-Chui

Director KuoCheng-Chui KUO studied cinema in Provence University in France. His short film, Family Viewing won The Best Fiction, Best Script, Best Actress in the Golden Harvest Awards of Taiwan, Audience’s Choice in Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival and nominated as Best Short Film in Cesar Awards in France. Forêt Debussy is his first feature film.

2016  Forêt Debussy
2012  Expiration (35 mm short film)
2008  Family Viewing (35 mm short film)


Producer / Aileen LI

金馬獎拍照_李耀華Aileen LI made her debut as a producer in 2004’s film Formula 17, which was that year’s box office champion. She continued producing movies of various genres –The Heirloom, Shoe Fairy, and Catch, for example. In 2008, she started working for transnational movie production projects: Ghosted (Germany), The Last Days of The World (France), and Prince of Tears (Hong Kong). The most recent films are Juliet, May Day 3D Concert Film 3DNA, Black and White: The Dawn of Assault, Young Dudes, and When A Wolf Falls in Love with A Sheep. LI was also the line producer to coordinate the shooting in Taipei of Lucy directed by Luc Besson and Hong Kong director John Woo’s The Crossing.



Producer / Steven TU

塗翔文Steven TU has a master’s degree in communication from Tamkang University in Taiwan, and his research was about martial arts films. He was the Programmer for the Taipei Film Festival from 2011 to 2013. He is now a columnist for the United Daily News, ELLE and Ming Weekly in Taiwan. He was nominated for Best Original Screenplay at the 47th Golden Horse Awards for The Fourth Portrait.





GWEI Lun-Mei as The Daughter

GWEI Lun-MeiGWEI Lun-Mei is a Taiwanese actress. She started her acting career in the movie Blue Gate Crossing, and went on to gain more recognition in the movie Secret directed by Jay Chou. GWEI’s other notable films include Parking, Taipei Exchanges, Starry Starry Night, The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate, GF*BF, and Berlin Film festival Golden Bear Award winner Black Coal, Thin Ice. Her performance in GF*BF received critical acclaim and earned her Golden Horse Awards and Asia Pacific Film Festival for Best Actress in 2012.


2014  Black Coal, Thin Ice
2012  GF*BF
2007  Secret
2002  Blue Gate Crossing


LU Yi-Ching as The Mother

陸奕靜LU Yi-Ching is a Taiwanese actress. She has appeared in more than 25 feature films, receiving numerous international accolades. She started her acting career in TSAI Ming-liang’s TV movie and continued to act in other TSAI Ming-liang’s films include The River, What Time Is It There?, The Wayward Cloud, Face ,Stray Dogs. LU also worked with other directors like Cheng Wen-Tang (Blue Cha Cha) and Doze, Niu Chen-Zer (Monga). She was the two time Best Supporting Actress winner of Asia Pacific Film Festival.

2013  Stray Dogs
2010  Monga
2009  Face
2004  The Wayward Cloud



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