The Scoundrels (狂徒)

Country Taiwan
Year 2018
Genre Action / Crime
Format Color / DCP
Status Completed
Runtime 105 min
Release Date Oct. 26, 2018 (Taiwan)
Director Tzu-Hsuan HUNG

Cast Kang-Ren WU, JC Lin, Hsin-Ying HSIEH, Nana LEE, Jack KAO, Frederick LEE





Festival & Awards

23rd Busan International Film Festival – A Window on Asian Cinema

18th Kaohsiung Film Festival – Opening Film

15th Hong Kong Asian Film Festival – Taiwan Select 

21st Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival (BAFICI) – Official Selection

38th Minneapolis St Paul International Film Festival – Official Selection

21st Udine Far East Film – Official Selection

13rd  Vancouver Taiwanese Film Festival, TWFF – Official Selection

21st Taipei Film Festival – Competition/ Awards: Best Visual Effects, Award for Outstanding Artistic Contribution (Action Choreography)

  1st Taiwan Film Festival in Toronto – Official Selection

2nd Taiwan Film Festival in Sydney – Official Selection




Rui, once a famous basketball player, faces his downfall and works as a street-parking fee collector, who also accepts jobs from a car theft gang.

One night, a robber hijacks Rui when he accidentally spots a seriously injured woman in the vehicle. Now the police and the public see Rui as the suspect of the bank robbery, and the girl who could clear his name remains unconscious. How can Rui get himself out of this quagmire?


Director / Scriptwriter – Tzu-Hsuan HUNG


Regarded as a rising director in Taiwan, Tzu-Hsuan Hung graduated from the Department of Radio, Television & Film at the Shih Hsin University and made a few award-winning short films when he was still a student. Specialised in action movies, Hung is known for his skillful design action choreography and mise-en-scène, and Taiwanese mafia is a recurrent theme in his works.

Insisting on making innovative action movies, Hung caught attention with Sin of Lottery and established his name with System-A. In his third year at university, Hung made Out of Line, which won the bronze medal at the Youth Film Festival in Taiwan. Scoundrel is Hung’s first feature film, on which he collaborates with the Golden Bell Award-winning scriptwriter Chien-Ming Huang (Wake Up) and the Golden Horse Award-nominated cinematographer Ko-Chin Chen (Shuttle Life). Hung expects to keep pushing himself to the limit, proving that he can make great action movies in Taiwan.


Kang-Ren WU as Biao

Kang-Ren WU established his name with his role in the television drama, Autumn’s Concerto, in 2009. Having worked in film and television for years, Wu won Best Supporting Actor in a Mini series or TV Film at the 2015 Golden Bell Awards for Wake UP and Best Actor in a Mini series or TV Film at the 2016 Golden Bell Awards for A Touch of Green. In 2017, Wu’s role as a marginalized young man who has erotic fetishism in White Ant won him Best Actor at the Taipei Film Awards.


2017 White Ant
2016 A Touch of Green (TV Series)

JC LIN as Liao Wen-jui 

JC LIN won Best Actor at the 2016 Nice International Filmmaker Festival for The Day to Choose and in the same year, he took part in The Last Painting directed by Chen Hung-i as well as in All because of Love directed by Lien Yi-chi. The wide range of roles Lin has played and the realist performance he has delivered demonstrate his unlimited potential for acting.



2017 The Last Painting
2016 The Day to Choose


Nana LEE as Shin-jie 

Nana LEE is a Taiwanese singer, who also appears in TV dramas and films. In 2007, Lee launched her career with her participation in the talent show One Million Star and in 2010 she won Best New Performer at the Golden Horse Film Awards for Juliets. Her performance in Zinnia Flower and 52 Hz I Love You won her critical acclaim. In 2017, Lee was awarded Best Supporting Actress in a Mini series or TV Film at the Golden Bell Awards for The Teenage Psychic and the theme song she performed had 46 million hits online.


2017  The Teenage Psychic (TV Series)
2015  Zinnia Flower
2010  Juliets


Hsin-Ying HSIEH as Cathy 

A well-known Taiwanese actress, Hsin-Ying Hsieh won Best Supporting Actress for Reflections at the 2006 Golden Horse Awards. In 2011, she was awarded Best Actress at the Taipei Film Awards for her roles in Makeup and Honey Pupu. In the same year, her appearance in Makeup also won her Best Actress at the 2012 Asian Film Festival in Rome. In 2013, Hsieh was nominated Best Actress for Die Sterntaler at the Golden Bell Awards. In 2015, Hsieh co-starred with Shu Qi and Chang Chen in The Assassin directed by Hou Hsiao-Hsien. In 2016, she played a much younger character in Love @ Seventeen, which won her huge popularity.


2015  The Assassin
2011  Makeup
2006  Reflection


Frederick LEE as Hsiao-hei 

Frederick Lee is an award-winning actor from Malaysia. After winning Best Actor at the 2014 Golden Awards for The Descendant in Malaysia, Lee launched his career in Taiwan. As the younger brother of the celebrated actor Christopher Lee, Frederick Lee’s tough manly image is a sharp contrast to his brother’s. In 2016, Frederick Lee was nominated Best Actor for Turning Point at the Asian Television Awards and his brother Christopher Lee also received a nomination in the same category. In 2017, Frederick Lee was again nominated Best Actor at the Golden Awards for The Missing Menu.

TV Series

2017  The Missing Menu
2016  Turning Point 
2014  The Descendant

Jack KAO as Chen Mu 

When director Hou Hsiao-hsien first met Jack Kao, Hou praised Kao’s resemblance to Al Pacino and tried his best to persuade Kao to become an actor. In 1987, Kao made his screen debut in Hou’s Daughter of the Nile. In 1992, Kao played a Taiwanese gang boss for the first time in Dust of Angels, and his performance left such a deep impression on the audiences that Kao subsequently appeared as gang boss in several films, firmly establishing his onscreen persona. Working actively in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China, Kao participates in film and television and has won acting prizes at numerous awards, including the Asian Television Awards, the Golden Bell Awards.

2018  Gatao 2 
2017  The Gangsters Daughter


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