Black and White: The Dawn of Justice 3D (痞子英雄:黎明再起 3D)

_300x250c963452990eaCountry  Taiwan
Year  2014
Genre  Action / Police / Comedy
Format  Color / Scope / DCP
Runtime  126 min
Status  Completed
Release Date  Oct. 3, 2014 (Taiwan)
Director  TSAI Yueh-hsun
Producers  TSAI Yueh-hsun, YU Hsiao-hui
Cast  Mark CHAO, LIN Gengxin, HUANG Bo .


Festival & Awards

34th Hawaii International Film Festival – Gala Presentation

15th Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival  – Official Selection

2015 Fantasia Film Festival – Official Selection

Official Trailer




Only through destruction can one be reborn.

. Police officer in the Southern Precinct, WU Ying-xiong, has been revered as a hero in the Harbor City ever since he stopped the terrorists on a Boeing 777 airplane and kept the city safe. Unfortunately, the peace is only temporary…

Panic spreads the whole city as a series of bomb explosions happen within hours and this is just the beginning of a tight-knit conspiracy.

Righteous and impulsive, Wu is paired up with the intelligent but arrogant loner CHEN Zhen to track down the mastermind behind the bombing incidents. During the investigation, they find the clues are linked to a freeway kidnapping case. Worst of all, they find the next suicide bomber is XU Da-fu, a criminal who once helped Wu solve the airplane crisis and secretly ran away with his girlfriend Qiao-qing by faking death with Wu’s assistance.

Soon Wu and Chen will discover that the bombings are just the prelude to a massive destruction. Stolen military missiles are now aimed at the Harbor City; moreover, a deadly virus is about to breakout, which is so highly contagious that it can devour the whole world in 14 days. All the chaos is planned by the Nightwalkers—a secret assassination squad which used to serve the highest government officials.

Facing the unprecedented crisis, the two-men team of totally opposite characteristics is the only hope to reverse the situation. Nonetheless, when moral standards are turned upside down, what faith should they keep to maintain the so-called justice?

Director’s Statement

We have always wanted to create a highly entertaining modern action genre, which not only has the universal appeal but also offers more enjoyable elements for the Asian audience because of the local colors embedded in the story background. We have endeavored to enhance our skills, to come up with up-to-date stories and to expand our horizons.

It’s a long and winding road, but we take this tough challenge with delight because we’re always ready to surpass ourselves.

Knowing there’re still miles away from the top, we move on.

The heroes in this story will face an attack that can not only demolish the city but also destroy the justice they revere. Only through faith can they survive the crisis and strike back.

Director / TSAI Yueh-hsun


Taiwanese actor-turned-director. Three-times Golden Bell Awards winner, Tsai has made his directing career shined with commercially successful and critically acclaimed TV series, such as “Meteor Garden”(2001), “Known in the World”(2003) and “The White Tower”(2006). Each title won him the award of best directing for a television series of the Golden Bell Awards.

In additional to the ability to balance commercial imperative and artistic quality, Tsai is known for his keen eye for scouting new talents and, most of all, bringing out their potentials. For instance, the male idol group F4 became the huge sensation throughout Asia right after “Meteor Garden” was aired and Mark Chao garnered the Golden Bell’s Best Actor Award with his career debut “Black and White.”

Hoping his audience could enjoy his works to the greatest extent, Tsai has endeavored to push the local film industry to the next level by aiming to match the Hollywood production quality ever since he turned to films. Black and White: The Dawn of Justice is his latest production and is sure to create another buzz.

Filmography 2012  Black & White Episode 1: The Dawn of Assault (痞子英雄首部曲:全面開戰)  


Mark CHAO(趙又廷)  as WU Ying-Xiong

Mark ChaoTaiwanese-Canadian actor and singer. He started his career by being cast in the lead role of Black & White since it first was created as a TV series. With the high TV viewing rate, the character WU Ying-xiong helped Mark become a household name. Moreover, the TV series offered Mark the chance to show his acting talents and he garnered the best leading actor award in the 44th Golden Bell Awards. Afterwards he turned the focus of his acting career to films. His works include Monga (2010), LOVE (2012), So Young (2013), which achieved a huge box office success in China, and HSU Hark’s Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon (2013).



LIN Gengxin(林更新)  as CHEN Zhen

Kenny LinOne of the emerging young Chinese actors in Asia. Graduated from the renowned Shanghai Theatre Academy, he immediately gained popularity by taking part in numerous well-known TV series. The most notable one is “Startling by Each Step” (步步驚心) in which he played Yinti, the fourteenth prince. In 2013, he starred in the blockbuster Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon and was nominated for the best new comer award in the 33rd Hong Kong Film Awards.


. . . .



HUANG Bo(黃渤)   as XU Da-fu

Talented and proliHUANG Bofic, Huang Bo is not only one of the well-known Chinese actors these days but also has made several films thatachieved enormous box office success in China. Among his notable works are No Man’s Land (2013), Lost in Thailand (2012), and Cow (2009), which won him the best actor award of the 46th Golden Horse Awards.



Ning CHANG(張鈞甯)  as LAN Xi-Yin

Ning CHANGOne of the most popular actresses of the younger generation in Taiwan. Starting as a TV actress in 2003, Ning immediately caught the attention of filmmakers with her elegance and talents and made her first movie Holiday Dreaming in 2004. In 2007, she earned critical acclaim and the best actress award at Taipei Film Festival with What on Earth Have I Done Wrong? For the same title, she garnered the nomination for the best supporting actress award of the Golden Horse Awards.


Christopher LEE (李銘順)  as General Chief of Staff

Malaysian-born Singaporean actor, host and singer. Having starred in numerous TV dramas and hosted a great deal of TV shows, Christopher enjoys enormous and enduring popularity in Asia, especially in the Southeast part. Talented and fully committed, he is the two-time best actor award winner of Star Awards and has garnered the best popular male artist award more than 10 times.



Creative Team

Jack GILL – Stunt Coordinator/2nd unit action director  Renowned action choreographer, Jack Gill has made some of the movie industries’ most memorable action sequences. He is famous for creating over-the-top and death-defying stunts. Among his works is Fast and Furious 5 (2011), which won him several awards in major categories of the World Stunt Awards 2012, including the best stunt coordinator and the best work with a vehicle.

Ron YUAN—Fight Designer/2nd unit action director  Asian-American actor, martial artist, action director, and stunt choreographer, Ron has taken part in several films and TV series, such as Fast & Furious (2009), “Prison Break,” and “24.”  

LAN Hai-Han— Action Choreographer/2nd unit action director  Experienced martial artist and action choreographer, he is known for his works in Kung fu (2004), Yip Man 2 (2010) and House of Flying Daggers (2012).  

BUF—Visual Effects  Top visual effect company in France, specializing in CGI for feature films, commercials, and music videos. BUF has done effects for movies, such as Life of Pi (2012), Thor (2011), Avatar (2009) and Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight (2008). It garnered the best visual effect award in the 50th Golden Horse Awards with The Grand Master (2013). BUF created several spectacular disaster scenes with impressive visual effects. VFX supervisor Fabrice Lagayette indicated that what Black and White: The Dawn of Justice has achieved is unprecedented in Taiwan.

Yoshi AKATSUKA – Production Designer  One of the world’s top 20 set designers, Yoshi Akatsuka has long worked with Taneda Yasuyuki and has participated a number of big-budget productions, such as The Flowers of War (2011), Seediq Bale (2011), and Kill Bill (2003).

Vaughan ALEXANDER – Costume Designer  Once spending a decade in Tokyo as a costume designer for iconic Japanese pop stars, fashion designer Vaughan Alexander is good at mixing western and oriental elements.

Tomas CHAN – Costume Designer  Noted fashion designer based in Hong Kong, Tomas has worked with iconic singers in the Asian music industry, for instance Faye WONG, A-Mei CHANG and Sammi CHENG.

Beijing Lingdong Liliang Media – 3D Production  Established in 2007, Beijing Lingdong Liliang Media (北京靈動力量文化傳媒有限公司) is the first company in China committed to 3D visual effects. Among the notable works are Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010), Armor of God – Chinese Zodiac (2012) and Painted Skin: The Resurrection (2012), which not only became box office success but obtained numerous awards as well.

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