The Rope Curse(粽邪)

Country Taiwan
Year  2018
Genre  Drama, Horror
Format  Color  / DCP
Status  Completed
106 min
Release Date  Aug. 31, 2018  (Taiwan) 
Director   Shih-Han LIAO
Cast  Kimi HSIA, Jason TSOU, Po-Cheng CHEN , Ke-Fang SUN, Fox LEE


Festival & Awards

38th Hawaii International Film Festival — Midnight Movies




“The Rope Ritual” is a thousand years of tradition, still exists along the coastline of Taiwan. People believe that after people committed suicide by hanging themselves, a curse resides on the rope. The ritual would be performed to burn the rope in order to alleviate the Rope Curse and hence called “The Rope Ritual”.

Jia-Wei makes money on the side via live broadcasting of bizarre events. When Jia-Wei is live streaming the process of the Rope Ritual, they found themselves to an unknown and unspeakable horror, which is further implicated by the involvement of his girlfriend, Shu-Yi. With the events unfolded and becoming more dangerous, Shu-Yi’s long-buried secret gradually revealed from a decade ago. Can Jia-Wei unravel what is truly Shu-Yi’s secret, and hold back evil unleashed by “The Rope Curse”?


Director’s Statement

When I was little, I loved to watch zombie movie, especially with those scenes of those hazy and gloomy street. When I grow up, and heard of the rope ritual in ChangHua, it brought back all the memory I had when I was little. The rope ritual was passed down long time ago, but until now, from the media, the ritual has to be performed midnight which adds to even more mysterious atmosphere. Taiwan has many urban legends which can be exploited, hopefully from this movie, the audience can see an authentic thriller movie revealing its secret identity.


Director / Shih-Han LIAO

Shih-Han Liao graduated from National Cheng-Chi University with a degree in Radio and Television. After his military discharge, he has worked as director assistant, deputy director, screenplay writer and producer. He has always been dedicated in elevating both his creativity and production in the TV/movie industry. In 2013, his television directorial debut, “A Midsummer Night in Tainan”, was nominated for 5 Golden Bell Awards and he was again nominated for best director for mini-series, “Cigarette”, in 2014.After being nominated for Golden Bell Awards, Taipei Film Festival, and Golden Harvest Awards for Out-standing Short Film, he has also directed a supernatural and horror television show called “A House of Toy Bricks” in 2017. With all his past accolades and di-versified experience in tele-vision and film, he now focuses and directs his energy to depicting this Taiwanese horror tradition of “The Rope Curse.”

2018 The Rope Curse

Executive Producer / Jeff TSOU

WOWing Entertainment Group – CEO

Thunderbird School of Global Management MBA









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2012 LOVE
2013 Rhythm of the Rain
2014 Black & White : The Dawn of Justice
2016 Midnight Food Store
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2018 The Rope Curse



Kimi HSIA as Shu-Yi LIN

Kimi Hsia, after her great success in the movie, “Zone Pro Site”, has determined to play different roles beside her sweetness image. This is her first ever horror movie, and one of the biggest challenge for her and yet she delivered.






2014 The Gathering
2008 Ballistic
1981 Lovable You


Jason TSOU as Jia-Wei WU

With his outstanding performance in movie, Black &White movie series and TV drama, the way we were, Jason has again successfully portrait this role and reach down to the deepest fear within, yet another masterpiece!






2012 Black & White: The Dawn Of Assault
2013 Rhythm of the Rain
2014 Black & White: The Dawn of Justice
2018 The Rope Curse


Po-Cheng CHEN as Master

Po-Cheng Chen, a senior actor, with iconic comedian performance in Din Tao:Leader of the Parade, David Loman series, and Rookie Chef, this time he acts as a serious Taoist Master fighting the evil spirit with outstanding performance!





1983 The Sandwich Man
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2013 David Loman
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2018 The Rope Curse

Ke-Fang SUN as Qian- He SHEN

The winner of best supporting actress of Golden Bell award 2017 for her role in Close Your Eyes Before It’s Dark, Ke-Fang Sun’s first ever movie role in “The Rope Curse” with brilliant and memorizing performance.





2015 We Are Family
2016 My Egg Boy
2018 The Rope Curse

Fox LEE as Yan LI

A rising new star this year, Fox Lee with eye catching and emotional performance in The Rope Curse.






2017 Didi’s Dreams
2018 The Rope Curse

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