Film Business Asia: Zone Pro Site keeps Riddick out of spotlight


Zone Pro Site keeps Riddick out of spotlight


By Stephen Cremin
Mon, 09 September 2013, 16:50 PM (HKT)

Box Office News
Zone Pro Site: The Moveable Feast (總舖師) was the top-grossing film at the Taipei box office for the third weekend, on its fourth week on release.

The Taiwan comedy, which has its international premiere at next month’s Busan International Film Festival (부산국제영화제), made NT$9.20 million (US$310,000) over the weekend for a current gross of NT$71.6 million (US$2.41 million) in the capital.

Although figures outside Taipei can not be verified, the film’s Facebook page this weekend claimed that it had grossed NT$200 million (US$6.73 million) nationwide by Saturday evening after 23 days on release.

After keeping Kick-Ass 2 and The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones off the top of the charts in recent weeks, Zone Pro Site bested Riddick this weekend. The new release made NT$8.08 million in Taipei over the three day weekend.

Two Taiwan documentaries opened at the weekend, YANG Li-chou (楊力州)’s Bridge Over Troubled Water (拔一條河) and HSU Ming-chun (許明淳)’s The Legend of Ataabu (阿罩霧風雲). They opened on NT$1.57 million and NT$0.63 million respectively.

Film Business Asia: Zone Pro Site remains atop Taipei box office


Zone Pro Site remains atop Taipei box office

總舖師still photo 421

By Stephen Cremin
Mon, 02 September 2013, 17:55 PM (HKT)

Box Office News
In its third weekend in cinemas, local comedy Zone Pro Site: The Moveable Feast (總舖師) was the highest grossing film in Taipei, making more money than the combined box office of two new Hollywood releases.

With the addition of NT$13.5 million (US$452,000) this weekend, it has now taken NT$55.8 million (US$1.87 million) in 17 days. The box office dropped less than 1% on last weekend’s NT$13.6 million.

New releases The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones and We’re the Millers made NT$7.40 million and NT$5.97 million respectively. The latter is distributed by Zone Pro Site’s Warner Bros (Taiwan) Inc (美商華納兄弟 (遠東) 股份有限公司臺灣分公司).

Other new releases this weekend include Tiny Times 2 (小時代:青木時代), which made NT$1.27 million (US$42,800) on eleven screens. The original Tiny Times 1 (小時代), which also features many Taiwan cast and crew, opened on NT$1.38 million.

Also released this weekend, CHUNG Mong-hong (鍾孟宏’s) Soul 失魂 made NT$867,000 (US$29,100) on 11 screens in the Taiwan capital.

Film Business Asia: Zone Pro Site grows 67% in second weekend


Zone Pro Site grows 67% in second weekend

ZPS Still

By Stephen Cremin
Mon, 26 August 2013, 20:35 PM (HKT)

Box Office News
The box office of Taiwan food comedy Zone Pro Site: The Moveable Feast (總舖師) grew 67% on its second weekend on release in Taipei.

Over three days the film made NT$13.6 million (US$454,000), almost twice as much as new entry Kick-Ass 2, on NT$7.04 million (US$235,000), which was second-placed over the three-day weekend.

Zone Pro Site has now taken NT$31.2 million (US$1.04 million) in the capital. It has performed particularly well on weekdays, making NT$3.28 million (US$110,000) on Wed 21 Aug when businesses were closed due to a typhoon.

The highest-grossing domestic film this year is another local comedy, David Loman (大尾鱸鰻), which made NT$122 million (US$4.07 million) in Taipei on release in February. It also stars Zone Pro Site’s Tony YANG (楊祐寧).

Like David Loman, Zone Pro Site is distributed through Warner Bros (Taiwan) Inc (美商華納兄弟 (遠東) 股份有限公司臺灣分公司). The new film is represented internationally by Ablaze Image Ltd (光在影像股份有限公司).

Film Business Asia: Moveable Feast lands in Taipei box office zone


Moveable Feast lands in Taipei box office zone

總舖師still photo 133

By Stephen Cremin
Mon, 19 August 2013, 18:45 PM (HKT)

Box Office News

Zone Pro Site: The Moveable Feast(總舖師) had the second biggest opening of the year for a Chinese-language film in Taipei, securing NT$8.13 million (US$272,000) over three days on 23 screens.

The comedy is about a failed model who, after returning to her hometown, finds the family business of arranging huge banquets has been reduced to a single noodle stand. She sets out to rejuvenate the business with the help of a former customer.

The film markets the return to feature film directing of CHEN Yu-hsun(陳玉勳) after a decade-and-a-half. In recent years, he shot shorts as part of the portmanteau films Juliets (茱麗葉) (2010) and 10+10 (十加十) (2011).

In February, local comedy David Loman (大尾鱸鰻) made NT$16.0 million (US$534,000) in its first three days. Three years ago, young gangster drama Monga (艋舺) (2010) opened on NT$26.0 million (US$879,000).

Like Loman and Monga, the film was distributed in Taiwan through Warner Bros (Taiwan) Inc (美商華納兄弟 (遠東) 股份有限公司臺灣分公司) who also invested. Marketing was by Steve WANG (王師)’s Activators Marketing Co Ltd (牽猴子整合行銷股份有限公司).

Yesterday, Wang claimed on Facebook that Zone Pro Site had taken NT$14.5 million (US$484,000) in its first two days in cinemas nationwide, but the number can’t be independently verified.

The Taiwan-produced film was runner-up to another new release, Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters, which made NT$10.5 million (US$349,000) on 20 screens. Elysium 엘리시움 (2001), The Conjuring and The Purge took the third, fourth and fifth slots.

Still on release, Pacific Rim and Monsters University have now taken NT$120 million (US$4.01 million) and NT$101 million (US$3.36 million) respectively.

World sales of Zone Pro Site is represented by the recently-launched Ablaze Image Ltd (光在影像股份有限公司) in Taipei.