2014 Titles 已上映影片

A Fool(一個勺子 )

Country  China
Year  2014
Genre  Drama / Comedy
Format  Color / Flat / DCP
Runtime  95 min
Status  Completed
Release Date  Dec. 4, 2015 (Taiwan)
Director  CHEN Jianbin
Cast  CHEN Jianbin, JIANG Qinqin, WANG Xuebin, JIN Shijia


Black and White: The Dawn of Justice 3D(痞子英雄:黎明再起 3D)

_300x250c963452990eaCountry  Taiwan
Year  2014
Genre  Action / Police / Comedy
Format  Color / Scope / DCP
Runtime  126min
Status  Completed
Release Date  Oct. 3, 2014 (Taiwan)
Director  TSAI Yueh-hsun
Producers  TSAI Yueh-hsun, YU Hsiao-hui
Cast  Mark CHAO, LIN Gengxin, HUANG Bo


Flowers of Taipei: Taiwan New Cinema(光陰的故事-台灣新電影)

Country  Taiwan
Year  2014
Genre  Documentary
Format  Color / 16:9 / DCP
Runtime  109min
Status  Completed
Release Date  Mar. 6, 2015 (Taiwan)
Director  Chinlin HSIEH
Producer  Angelika WANG Ken-Yu


Paradise in Service(軍中樂園)

Country  Taiwan
Year  2014
Genre  War / Action / Drama / Romance
Format  Color / DCP
Runtime  133min
Status  Completed
Release Date  Sep. 5, 2014 (Taiwan)
Director  Doze,  NIU Chen Zer (Monga, LOVE)
Editing Director  HOU Hsiao-Hsien
Cast  Ethan JUAN (Monga, LOVE),WAN Qian (Christmas Rose),  CHEN Jian bin (Three Kingdoms),CHEN Yi Han (LOVE, Hear Me), WANG Po-Chieh (The Body Guard, Life of Pi)



Meeting Dr. Sun(行動代號孫中山)


Country  Taiwan
Year  2014
Genre  Comedy / Drama
Format  Color / DCP
Status Completed
Release Date Jul. 11, 2014 (Taiwan)
Writer & Director YEE Chih-Yen
Producers LEE Lieh, YEE Chih-Yen, Roger HUANG



The Rice Bomber  (白米炸彈客)

The-Rice-Bomber_Poster_ol-0107Country  Taiwan
Year  2014
Genre  Drama
Format  Color / Scope / DCP
Runtime  118 min
Status  Completed
Release Date  Apr. 4, 2014 (Taiwan)
Director  CHO Li
Writer  Hung-hung, Zin Do Lan
Producer  YEH Jufeng, LEE Lieh
Cast  Huang Chien-wei , Nikki Hsieh, Michael Chang




Sweet Alibis (甜蜜殺機)

DM_cv_finalCountry  Taiwan
Year  2014
Genre   Comedy / Suspense
Format  Color / Scope / DCP
Runtime  112 min
Status  Completed
Release Date  Jan. 17, 2014 (Taiwan)
Director  LIEN Yi-Chi
Producers  LIN Tian-gui, WANG Tzu-wei
Cast  Alec SU, Ariel LIN, Matt WU 



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